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Thurber's books, articles, and cartoons were the basis for a number of movies, TV shows and short films.

Where possible, I have added the Internet Movie Database archive entry on the movie, play, TV series or Actor/Actress. Thurber has his own Filmography and (rather skimpy) Biography: His Filmography on the database is still incomplete, so I hope to send the IMD folks some updates soon.

William Windom

Thurber Hall of Shame

Thurber loved the English language, and was constantly at war with those who sought to reduce it to nonsensical babble, jingos, and slanguish. In his day, "automation"(neologism) and "Spectacular"(as a noun) were some of the signs of the End of the World. Here are some recent "improvements" to English which Thurber, thankfully, never lived to see: (other signs of the Coming of the Barbarians requested).

Thurber Aphorisms

Links to pages related to Thurberabilia

Disclaimer: "Thurberabilia" is a word of which Thurber may not have approved.
  • Here is a page with a number of Thurber cartoons and short stories.
  • The New Sun: earns its place at the top of the list for publishing in Volume 1, Issue 2, a complete Fable For Our Time, The Bear Who Let It Alone (complete with Thurber's original drawing!) , along with yet another Biography, headed with Thurber's self-portrait.
  • Xander Mellish has written some stories in the style of Thurber, which is cool, since Thurber was known to write stories, intentionally in the style of Henry James (one of his own favorite authors), Hemingway, and others.
  • Douglas Brick Gets honorable mention for referencing Xander Mellish's Thurber work.
  • The Jane Austen Bibliography gets a reference for noting that one of Thurber's satirical works, My memories of D. H. Lawrence,, mentions Jane Austen.
  • Folks Quoting Thurber (accurately!):
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