RGB2YCBCR(1)             USER COMMANDS               RGB2YCBCR(1)

     rgb2ycbcr - convert non-YCbCr TIFF images to  a  YCbCr  TIFF

     rgb2ycbcr [ -c compression ] [ -h hsample ] [ -v vsample ] [
     -r rows/strip ] src1.tif src2.tif ... dst.tif

     Rgb2ycbcr converts RGB color, greyscale,  or  bi-level  TIFF
     images  to  YCbCr  images by transforming and sampling pixel
     data.  If multiple files are specified on the command  line,
     rgb2ycbcr converts all but the last file, writing a separate
     directory for each source in the destination file.

     By default, chrominance samples are created by sampling 2 by
     2  blocks of luminance values.  The -h and -v options can be
     used to specify alternate horizontal and  vertical  sampling
     dimensions, respectively.  Note that only 1, 2, and 4 should
     be used for portability.

     By default, output data are compressed with the LZW compres-
     sion scheme.  A different scheme can be selected with the -c
     option; one of: none (for  no  compression),  packbits  (for
     PackBits compression), and lzw (for LZW compression).

     By default, output data are compressed in  strips  with  the
     number  of rows in each strip selected so that the size of a
     strip is never more than 8 kilobytes.  The -r option can  be
     used to explicitly set the number of rows per strip.

     tiffinfo(1), tiffcp(1), libtiff(3)

Sun Release 4.1  Last change: September 26, 1994                1