Bubble Diagram Version One

We met with Ray Gardner on Monday and worked out our first real bubble diagrams.
Here is what we came up with (south is down):


(click to enlarge)

The interesting thing about this is that it is very similar to the “version zero” diagram, in spite of
the fact that this one was drawn freehand by Ray, and we did not show him the first diagram, nor
did we tell him where to put things. All he did was ask a few questions, and the thing just unfolded
from his own knowledge about views, light, room placement and the like.


  • Did I see a “shop” bubble? Are you feeling OK? I never have put thoughts of “Niles” and “shop” (as in garage workshop) in the same universe before. When you register for your housewarming gifts at Sears’ Craftsman section, I’ll know you are really ill.

  • My kind of “shop” is the kind you have to dismantle digital
    cameras and the like, with magnifying lenses, tweezers, and if
    I’m feeling dangerous, soldering irons. Pretty much anything I
    need to support my observatory and other tinkering. Here, by the
    way, is the telescope I have in mind:


    that would be the 10″ one.

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