Ramping Up Again

It’s February, and we’ve already had a few heat waves. The housing bubble is
bursting nicely, and so it looks like it’s time to start working out the kinks in
our current design with Ray before resubmitting our plans for bids.

Here’s a starter list of topics we want to revisit with our plans:

  • Bedroom
    • Wider Door into BR
    • Closet
    • Bathroom
  • Great Room
    • Fireplace Relocation
    • Wood-burning FP if low-particulate okay?
    • Piano Location
    • Kitchen Design
    • TV Location
    • Moving bookcases/ladder to SE corner
  • General
    • Wheelchair Ramp
    • Extra-wide Front Door
    • Larger Pool / jacuzzi
    • Walled Herb Garden
    • Steel Frame / Wood Frame
    • Ensure x-mas light outlets along outside
    • Satellite Dish Mount


  • Wheelchair ramp?! Prescient? Thoughtful yet frightening reminder that we might need it.

  • Yep. Gigi’s experience this past year with her grandma has pointed out how even little things like chair-accessible showers can make life more (or less) enjoyable. The ramp would also be handy for rolling in the baby grand piano…

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