Oak Tree Branch

branch.jpg The branch of an oak tree was lying in our driveway on a recent morning. It was about fifteen feet long, and took some effort to lug out of the way. In Los Angeles the main reason for keeping your car in the garage is to avoid dust and thieves. Here, you also need to worry about having the roof of the car caved in and the windshield broken.

…at this point you are most likely thinking: how the hell did this urban denizen identify the tree as an oak ? It was really just a simple process of elimination: every Southern Californian knows that there are only five kinds of trees on the planet, which are

  • Palm (ubiquitous in LA)
  • Maple (identified by the leaves, which are said to look like the Canadian flag)
  • Pine (which smell like air fresheners sold at car washes)
  • Christmas (identified by their ability to support ornaments), and
  • Oak (aka, none of the above)

I have heard rumors that there are other trees, and now have evidence to support it. Have made plans to identify the trees around the property, as some of them do not appear to be on the list. Expect to see updates on this front as they arise.

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